Mom’s famous “Energy Balls”

My mom is hands down one of the best cooks on god’s green earth (besides my dad of course), so I know everything she makes will not only be healthy, but delicious. She’s not as tech savvy as she’d like to be (if that was the case, maybe she wouldn’t make the same vegetable muffins every single week) however, she does her best. BUT, once she finds a recipe she likes…. good lord, there is no stopping her.

It’s like having a new favorite song, and playing it 1k times until you’re sick of it…. just me? ok – moving on…..

She makes these “Peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-energy-bites” that are literally to die for. SO, I’m sure you’re all itching to be dying for them too… so here’s her famous recipe:


  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter or almond butter
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup flaxseed meal
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 2 tablespoons mini chocolate chips (my mom recently just used our chocolate easter bunny.. so anything goes for this…)
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  1. In a large bowl, mix together peanut butter and honey until combined. Add in flaxseed meal, oats, chocolate chips and chia seeds. Mix, mix, mix, mix. After all of that mixing, you should be able to form balls. (If they’re not perfectly sticking together, add more peanut butter)
  2. Form little gum-ball size balls, put in the freezer to harden & ENJOY.

Whether you’re hungry for a little snack (or not hungry at all) these will satisfy your snack-craving in a healthy way.Hopefully this can be your new favorite recipe, just like my momma. THX TRISH, YOU ROCK MY WORLD.

Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (to eat healthy snacks) be snacky & full of health, but most importantly; beYOU

an AVOCADO, thanks

I’m not the cooking type, and anything that I can make without physically baking or cooking is golden (for sole fact that I’m terrified of undercooking meat and getting salmonella… drastic.. but something I would do…)

AVOCADOS. What? They’re Gods gift to this green earth. I never thought of doing anything besides making guac with avocados up until a year ago maybe when I started spreading it on toasts, and throwing it into salads. It’s a little (pretty) ball of perfection.

Which leads me to my favorite thing to snack on for lunch!

Avocado toast with grape tomatoes & feta. Sounds simple, and by the picture I’m almost positive you all need 0 directions. But, this snack is healthy, hearty & wholesome.

  • Healthy 
    • Avocados have the healthy fat — “Monounsaturated fats can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Avocados also have a higher percentage of protein — about 4 grams — than other fruits.”
    • Eat your vitamins, kids — “Avocados contain many essential vitamins and minerals. Flores said that they are a good source of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin K and fiber, which aids digestion and helps maintain regularity.”
  • Hearty 
    • No facts about this one, just pure experience. Two pieces of toast, and I’m satisfied. Not overly full, not starving. Satisfied. Pre workout, Post workout. Any time of the day. Avocados are the answer.
  • Wholesome 
    • This small little snack contains enough nutrients and vitamins to probably last you the whole day (DISCLAIMER)(JUST KIDDING)
    • But really, you just feel healthy & energized eating this beautiful creation.

Stop what you’re doing, head to your nearest food store, BUY AVOCADOS, and have fun with them. They’re a blessing in disguise.


Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (to use Avocados everyday!) be thankful (like the kid in the video) & wholesome, but most importantly; beYOU

MOCO’S Best: Happy Hours

Asbury Park is iconic, a walking history book some might say. Home of the BOSS, and many others — AP is the perfect summer time destination (of winter hideaway) for anyone and everyone. Walk the boards, shop or play some arcade games, the amount of things to do and see are endless.

Not just great memories, Asbury Park is home to some of the best restaurants on the Jersey Shore. My newly 21 year old self has attempted to try every happy hour deal on the planet (asbury park), and let you know a few of my favorites!

1. Cubacan – (Tues.-Sat. 3:30pm-6:30pm) $3 Select Beers; $6 Specialty Cocktails, Mojitos & Sangria; $5 Tapas Menu (Sun. & Mon.) All Day/Night. Bar Only.

2. Stella Marina – (7 Days a week 3:30pm – 6:30pm @ the bar) $6 martini’s and specialty drinks, $7 pizzas, $3 shrimp, $1.75 oysters, $1 clams

3. Brickwall Tavern – (Mon. – Fri.  4 to 7 p.m. @ bar only) $4 resident taps, $4 house wine, $2 Miller and Yuengling pints, $7 Absolut cocktails and martinis, $5 mozzarella sticks, $5 jalapeno poppers, $5 pierogies, $5 chicken wings (fried or grilled, bourbon Chipotle barbecue or buffalo), $5 chicken fingers, $5 beer bacon cheddar bowl.

4. Taka – (Mon.-Fri. 3-6 p.m.) $6 Wines, $6 Sake, $6 Skyy Vodka, $3 Sapporo Draft

5. Cross & Orange – (Tues.-Fri. 4-6 p.m.) 3 for $24 Appetizers, 1/2 off Specialty Cocktails, $5 House Wines (All Varietals), $4 Sangrias, $3 Domestics, $4 Crafts

6. The Bonney Read – (Wed. All day, Thurs. Fri. 4-6, Sat. & Sun. 2-6 p.m.) Half Priced Raw Bar Selections (See chalkboard for daily offerings) $3 Old Bay Fries, $3 Clam Chowder (Jersey Green or New England), $3 Marinated Olives, $6 Chorizo & Clam Fritters (Saffron aioli, chives), $6 Dozen Steamed Middlenecks (Drawn butter), $6 Crab Cake Slider ,
1/2 Off Champagne Splits, $5 Mojitos / Caipirinhas / Rum & Coke / Daiquiris, Selected Wines, Entire Beer List, Stoli Mix Drinks, Specialty Cocktails, $3 Jack Daniels Shots, el Jimador Silver Shots

So if you’re ever cruising down Cookman, stop by any of these fantastic places for great deals & draaanks.

Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (to wander Asbury Park & Find Bruce) be thirsty & thrifty, but most importantly; beYOU

Fri-YAY Favorites

When it comes down to Friday, sure we all day dream a little more then we should. Dreaming of more money, more tans, more clothes & shoes but especially MORE tacos & margs. Here are a few favorite things I’m crushing on this fine Friday morning!

Favorite Food: TACOS. Any kind. All kinds. Not overly dressed, just fresh cilantro & onions… nom nom nom..

Favorite Hairstyle: Balayge Blonde Bob, but my hair is too frizzy curly for it to look cute (sigh)

Favorite Shoes: These Dolce-Vita bad boys 

Favorite Bathing Suit: Anything tie dye, preferably high neck – TY LUCKYBRAND (this is perfect)

Favorite Brand: Free People, yes if I could shop at 1 clothing store for the rest of forever it would be FP.

Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (day dream every Friday) be hungry & happy, but most importantly; beYOU

Thirsty Thursday

You probably thought this was about drinking alcohol didn’t you….

Oh we’re drinking… but its TEA. This post is a direct reflection of my new favorite tea, and my first TeaTox — SkinnyMint! Its April already, and with school ending in a month (& my trip planned to Punta Cana being 40 days away) I need to be in the best beach bod possible. My friend Carly and I decided we were going to take a stand against our winter bloat and try this TeaTox. (AKA WE DID THE BESTIES PACK FOR $90)

This TeaTox is EASY, its only 1 tea in the morning and 1 tea every other night.

No dieting is involved (!!!) Yes gals, this means you can basically eat how you normally do (which is already healthy duh)

& Lastly, its packed with natural ingredients which are good for you and your skin.

So far I’m 2 weeks into the TeaTox, and I’ve been eating pretty crappy lately but as someone who has to have 2+ cups of coffee every morning right after waking up — this completely kicked my coffee habit. I feel energized and refreshed every single morning without the sugar and sweetness in the coffee.

I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon for these types of things, but so far I’m loving how I feel. Do i feel less bloated? Not (yet) necessarily. Do I still crave a venti-vanilla-iced-coffee-with-cream from starbucks? Yes.

BUT, I’ve proven to myself that I do not need coffee to survive in this world — & whats so wrong with trying new things & enjoying the process along the way?

Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (to try a TeaTox!) be skinny & minty, but most importantly; beYOU

I’m obsessed with:

Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarrez

I know I’m not the only one that hopelessly scrolls through their Instagram’s thinking “I would kill for a relationship (and life) like theirs”. Sure, their love could be all a publicity stunt but I’m still obsessed with every ounce of their life & here are some reasons why..

  1. They travel the world together
  2. They do the coolest things (helicopter rides & skydiving etc)
  3. They don’t go to school or work (if you count their lifestyle as working then fine)
  4. They are in love
  5. They have their love documented
  6. I want pictures like theirs with my boyfriend
  7. Alexis is a twig with a huge booooty, and Jay is ripped
  8. They’re flawless human beings
  9. They basically do whatever they want

Essentially they are both every single goal I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (to be ALEXIS AND JAY) be loving and flawless, but most importantly; beYOU

I’m obsessed with my:

Free-People Flared Jeans

You’re probably reading this heading like “uh, this isn’t the 60’s and we aren’t at Woodstock“… But, believe me… that was my first thought too. Whenever Macy’s has good weekend sales, I exhaust the racks looking for affordable Free-People finds because otherwise they will literally cost an arm & leg.

{100$ for jeans? No thanks. Oh, a white blouse I can get at Forever21 for 1/5 of the price? I’ll pass.}

As my mature self has gotten older though, I’ve began to realize its not necessarily about quantity, but about quality. Two years ago if given $100 I would’ve marched right over to F21 and bought at least 10 cheap things to last me the season. Now, I’ll take that 100 to Macy’s and invest in 2-3 things of good quality that will last me 4-5 years.


(& yeah, you’re welcome the link to buy them is above) 

These flared jeans. Yes, I said it — FLARED. Mid-rise, tight to the leg.. every aspiring Hippie’s dream. I tried them on, and it was instant bliss. So, I bought them (for under $30) and I ran with them, just hoping that my mom wouldn’t hate me for spending her hard earned money on jeans I’ll wear once.

Flashforward to Easter Sunday when I have nothing cute to wear. I’m too pale for the spring dress, and my pedicure was horrendous for my favorite wedges. Just like that my flared-jeans saved the day, and are now my favorite pair of pants. Turns out they go with anything, and everything you want them too. Stand in front of your mirror, try these bad-boys on, and become just as obsessed as I am.

Be fun, be hopeful, be determined (to kill the flared jeans game) be free-spirited and open to new things, but most importantly; beYOU